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Illusion / Void / WAVE (AVALON/Protoreplica) Translation
Prelati's Spellbook / WAVE / Gate of AVALON Translation
Mea culpa
My Big Psychotic Break [1]
continuous LOOP feat. Itori / ZYTOKINE Translation
My Big Psychotic Break [2]
My Big Psychotic Break [3]
Digital healing
In Defence of Eroguro
Soft Flesh and Stone Walls
Stop using the word psychotic wrong👏
Self loathing
being an outcast
making a Visual novel
ikigai algorithm
pick your invisible battles
inferiority vs. self love
Confessions of a Griffith apologist
Dark Nightcore of the Soul
wish mad pride was twendy UwU
unnatural dread😨
Depression is an indulgence
born before 2000
If writing is so easy then where is your visual novel
god complex~electronic dream.
velarization is a word
to deserve love
旦那を探す幻想~Fate of Single Years
like a wounded bird
Easy gallery system in Ren'Py
low res mini visual novel eeeee🐭🐲
outsider art [dump]
LoveSecretsGod is finished.
Growing out of things
Feminine magic, bisexual blues.
my thoughts on gamedev (not that I matter or anything)
stay in your place (or else)
kindness, how?🍂
autism and our 'special skills'
facing your fears😖
Global Game Jam 2022 'Duality'
Unmasking, streaming and blackout trauma.
Tranquillization. Olanzapine. Akathisia. Laughter.
heart is up in my throat
book of the broken
scrapbooked sadness of clipart from a psychiatry handout
Reality has been confusing
My visual novel part 1 is finished!🐍🔑🔥
Supernatural experience #1 Have I got your attention?
Supernatural Experience #2 I've seen the tree people.
Drawing program in GameMaker2
Venting after a tough week
I would give my right arm to be good at art like I once was
Everyone is a moron
42school review
Finding your place😞
The essence of 'Berserk feel'
The weight of trauma feat. vlogs
Mystical scrapbook vlog
Obnoxy and the majesty of Kangaroo Island
On brain trauma and lost skills
Adelaide Game Slam Jam 2022!
getting through the hard days
anger and un-loneliness
Expressing the unknown
How to completely ruin Berserk
blahblah psychosis secrets
A note from my future self
return to the self
Big autistic struggle post-psychosis
The path of the market artist
Wanna be a storyboard artist?
Reading Berserk in 日本語, an amateur analysis.Currently broken post! Fixed soon!
Group projects & the absolute failure of the education system
Delimitations and Appropriations
What I've Learnt from My Visual Novel🔑
New endeavour learning music🎹
stuck in a brilliant past
gamemaker woes
occult thoughts.
Autism and just 'get more hobbies'

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