Global Game Jam 2022 'Duality'

2022-01-30 18:45:30

There is something special about game jams. Gathering together with random strangers and getting to know one another through a shared interest, games!

There is too much I can say about this years GGJ. We did fine considering we didn't know each other or see each others faces.

This blog post is only an analysis piece on the game design and production of this game. This isn't to criticize anyone on my team.

We did the GGJ completely online over discord and communication has been interesting. Not that people didn't try, but rather the communication about what we were doing was a bit iffy.

So they were making a 3D game, but got a 2D artist too.

My art wasn't implemented as much as I had hoped. I kept sending pngs through, just to be answered with radio silence.

The game was very ambitious. Way too ambitious, and I did try to speak up.

With puzzles, 6 voice actors to implement and 'world switching' mechanic, it is a bit much to do well in a game jam, personally. But I didn't protest, I just wanted a art challenge and to learn about game design through observing everyone else skills.

Oh and the theme was 'duality'.