velarization is a word

2021-05-08 12:40:41

Title is reference to a linguistics term. Since my name is Vela, it has been funny hearing about the Velar, a 'soft palate at the back of the mouth'. Yuck.

It started raining mega hard this morning, early aussie winter level rain.

I have been studying Linguistics, French, Japanese (despite my self-taught experience) English literature and film studies.

I have been beyond stressed this last week trying to get my silly head around a Jane Austen essay. I have a Hitchcock film essay I got an extension on, not my fault since the lecturer misinformed us. Linguistics is a bitch, I suck at it so much, despite wishing I could succeed in it...then we have tests and French and Japanese.

I don't have time to work on my video game which is the second thing I do to relax. That requires me to be in a really calm and relaxed place to create. I make tiny progress. I value the changes and 'flavourful' moments that are the substance of storytelling.

I decided my female protagonist has a dad who was divorced, before I thought he might have died. I decided it is more important for my main boy to lose his dad. There is different dynamics there. It is important for me to explore the difference between sense of loss. I only know grief, but I didn't want to have both of them know grief.

A big motif in my story is what it means to be a adult, and the fact adults are warped in ways children can't understand. Both my main characters have an itch that needs to be scratched. I'm writing a friendship between a young adult male with a much younger female.

That is because I am super influenced by Berserk duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The thing about Guts is, he is the most idyllically pure distilled form of virtuous masculinity. In a world where the female characters are threatened by lechery at every turn, the role of a male protector becomes more profound. It shows the world is evil, but the concept of true heroism has an inner core that isn't vile. It is like being a giga-chad on the inside.

I know it is hard to write but it exists in Berserk, and people love it right? It's extremely inspiring to me.

Berserk uses these little girls like Schierke and Sonia to explore 'fatherhood' and 'ideal male'. Gut's shifts from being an unbridled flaming ball of rage, to adopting a fatherly persona over a few arcs. I don't mind if some people find 'lolis' cute and enjoy their screen presence, since I love Touhous, but it doesn't take a brain surgeon to notice that most Japanese media depictions take a sexualised gaze of underage characters.

Schierke is teased for 'pining for an older man'. Even I'm like heck yeah that is cute as heck within context of Berserk.

I just worry for the evil male gaze consuming this media, and it isn't Guts.

Don't change your pvp to the loli from Dragon Maid.

Men like that, don't date them. Eugenics them out. Don't entertain them.

Ladies, you deserve Guts theme looped 10 hours. Don't settle for anything less.

Basically, I am a woman writing my story about a young teen girl. I am not gonna mess up what I'm going for, because this is my experience lol.

I need to play DDR. Then I'll do essay. There is a DJ Norken song I need to play.


DDR is important to me because these musicians have been in my life for almost a decade by now. Nhato, DJ TECHNORCH, Dj Noriken....aaaaaaaa. Hard to explain to those who don't love JCore or any electronic music from Japan.

I have a simmering annoyance that stems from my body when I don't exercise, dance and sing. Because when my body is frustrated, by being forced to sit down these last 4 days I start to go mad.

We are meant to move. Meant to eat well and move well. I value my body feeling alive. I cherish the bacon and eggs I made this morning. My pride is my body and the effort I've put into it.

Well I've just wasted half an hour venting to a blogoooooaaaaaarrrrrr I NEED TO ESSAY.



Give me 4 arrows, JCORE and nothing more.