outsider art [dump]

2021-09-01 16:04:47

I wanted to share some of my recent art. I tend to have issues with my drawing during mania. It is tough to explain. A particular mental tiredness as well as shaking hand. Right after, I have to build myself back up in all manner of ways. To remember to take care of myself and above all, to pull myself out of depression now that the ecstatic feeling is gone.

It's so hard. So very hard.

Oh, I forgot to mention I got an official Autism diagnosis right before my Mania so yes, it is official and yes I might as well be proud of it.

That all adds to my struggle of recovering from Bipolar mania which, I still believe is a deeper spiritual experience but don't want to ramble about that right now.

I want to work in NDIS, but maybe that is too ambitious to say anywhere, since all my dreams get dashed to pieces against rocks by mania and other people. I'm recently interested in doing coloring book style work because my dream is to use my art for the greater good, preferably working in art therapy.

Maybe I'm just drawing for myself, but it's still creating an arsenal of work which potentially I could use in this way. Because the stupid ward people just print out images they don't own from Google anyways, why not have actual custom images?

Basically, after my two times being in a ward, I know the power of a fully stocked arts and crafts table.

Also, while I've struggled with a wobbly confused hand and brain in mania, I've honed my style for drawing simpler cute things such as Ponies and fairies, which might be fun to teach kids----oh screw it, I'm spilling too much of muh drem. I do a lot of simply sketches that aren't inked pieces, like the treefolk from my [second side]game below.


I know the emotional power of a post-it note reading 'last one please photocopy' placed on a Xeroxed image.