How to completely ruin Berserk

2022-07-06 12:06:52

So I finally got around to reading the 'new Berserk', the continuation after Miura has passed away. Not like I was very hyped for it. It obviously hasn't been sanctioned by him since a ghost can't sign some documents but I mean, how hard can you mess up Berserk? Right?

They messed up.

It doesn't come down to how differently they drew Puck or Shierke. So what is my biggest issue with this?

It's just the story. It's not how it's meant to go.

So we have Casca have all her trauma coming back all at once, and it cripples her. Gut's goes 'full on' and attacks Griffith. I was about to say in my video (below) he goes 'manic' because society has conditioned me to say such a thing against my own people.

How it's meant to go is something around these lines. We freakin' respect the love in Griffith's face and words as reflected in that final page. Griffith supresses the brand and uses it as a chance to at least say one or two sentences to Guts. Guts is overcome with emotions, but shows development by being unable to fully attack. Focusing instead on protecting Casca and the others, telling them to stay back. Both him and Casca are overwhelmed by Griffith, but are not in pain from the bleedin' brands. Rather, the shock and spiritual aura of seeing him there.

Instead, we see a pitiful display of Guts 'battling' in these two 'chapters'. We see all his anger flare back up in a heartbeat. Of course, he would still be angry, gritting teeth and itching to fight but in my rendition, he holds back. Why? Because he knows he can't win to some other dimensional being.

Both Casca and Guts wish to heal, they have started to heal over from their personal traumas. The story rides on how their bodies belong to Griffith.

Why ruin Berserk?

But still, to everyone else does that somewhat peaceful loving face Griffiths makes in that last page, mean nothing? Is it just me that doesn't want to believe it is a crocodile tear? Is it just me, that thought that was an indication of regret, which is why it makes it an effective, but a bit lacking, of and 'ending' for this legendary series.

This pathetic addition to Berserks chain of events happened just as I was expecting from them. For Guts to be good old fashioned Guts who hasn't developed one bit. For Casca she flops down overwhelmed by the horror and is a potato yet again.

I has thought that in the promo it looked like Casca had white-ish eyes, and I imagined (quite fancifully) that maybe Casca would gain some ability in this next chapter. Something that shows she has transcended so much trauma that she is beyond it all. But nope, nothing of the sort.

Why did I want something from Casca? Well it has seemed like there is nothing but boring repetition with her being hit by trauma, made faint and weakened and needing to heal. Over and over, at least two times already. She couldn't stare at Gut's before screaming in horror.

In these two recent chapters, I see Griffith resort to this evil 'Femto' like malice. Not the intent that I thought was implied from the last canonical chapter.