LoveSecretsGod is finished.

2021-10-13 18:49:02

Heyo! Its finished.

The GUI is a bit buggy, but I have no clue how to fix it, and its a bit shallow to worry about that in my opinion.

This is the first game I've created, finished and uploaded all by myself!

Usually I made games for jams in groups, and was incapable of doing games by myself. That all changed since I discovered visual novels. It's a really big deal for me to finally share a short story.

It's also a big deal because a few chunks of my year was ripped out and chewed up by Bipolar mania. This story isn't simply healing, but also my outlet for exploring what I experienced and venting it in a medium.

I was drawing and painting like this (below) for months, and suffered from my head caving inwards on me with delusions. Its hard to express, and this story barely scrapes at the whimsical fantasy and excruciating whims I went through while manic.

I was only capable of drawing like an absolute child for awhile. No jokes. Still struggling with art. :(

All I was capable of was drawing like a child.

Still, it is usually big event in a Bipolar persons life. Well, it has been for me, two times but I am not ashamed. My games are so far, concerned with Bipolar and its accompanying afflictions, such as depression, to name that big scary black dog. My games aren't interpreting it always negatively, but rather draw upon the intensity of how the world swirled around me in ecstasy while manic.

Here is the page where you can play for free.

It is lacking music, as the same with my big project. If you want to collaborate with me, check out this document.

Once again, it's free, unless you want to donate a buck to a hardworking soul!