I use RenPy, GameMaker Studio 2 and plenty of blood, sweat and tears! The RenPy games aren't availible as HTML5, but the GML ones are availible to play right off my site if you click on their banners! These are just goofing around experiments. If they stop working, reload page, try not to break it again. I'll work on fixing them when I can but for now, many of these break after the end of the first stage. Most of these are downloadable off of my

In 2024, I started Leafydragon Studio, in order to better promote my game projects.

TBA Visual Novel Project

Check back later.

Test Subject #741

Done for Rhythm Jam 2024 to the theme of 'Divergence'.

Resident Santa 7

A survival horror/walking simulator made for Secret Santa Jam 2023. The collisions are really bad, I'll work on it next Christmas lol.

Tassie Travels

A shmup about a dragon touring Tasmania.


Toss your slimy siblings around and hope for the best

Untitled Ocean Game

Based off of my game jam InverteBreaker. It's essentially the same, but with an ocean awareness theme.

Wombat's Warren

A memory matching game featuring cute animals!


The pen input is terrible in the HTML version. You'll have to draw with mouse left click but hey, you can add stickers and stuff!

Rubble and Rust

A coming-of-age visual novel set in rural South Australia. Not yet up on my site, sorry, RenPy sucks. Divided into parts 1, 2, and 3.


A short visual novel about a serpent and a mousespirit in love. Only up on sorry. RenPy, again...


A pacifist game where you bop bubbles and avoid spikes! Bit clunky so not posting to for now.

All works copyright Vela Noble 2020-2023