book of the broken

2022-04-07 04:44:40

I found my old ward 2020 time sketchbook. ripped in half since I threw the best half in the bin.

Oh, this madness in my head. To be tortured by something I don't understand. Something that tells me I am a part of it, that I am fairy king, Griffith who has traversed deep into unknown and deserved to be king. What else. What else is in store for me.

We the broken, are unable yttpotregljlkgnkdhkjethruitphighkfhfkfdhglkjghkjtgirjhgkjhtgil4uy6tilhdjfghcm,ngkjfdghkdfjlthiylruhy6riu6. My head is doing itself in. I have trasnsncnendns sdns sback cfrroms dbeyodns the abysss and keep goiing deeper adeoeperpdeeprperr. hot ehastflushesth my bodey in the very likeness of a roasted crab.

psychosis maeks u danse danss

So i made this embarassing video this morning trying to express god damn shit piddly nothing.

Top secret video.