gamemaker woes

2022-10-28 11:41:03

I've found all my attempts at GameMaker have gotten me nowhere. Maybe I'm exaggerating, I've learnt a lot. For loops, ifs, switches and arrays, are basically the only things I may understand, but don't know how to really master.

I've made a few broken projects in the last year, 'SeirenDippity 1', being one of the most solid pieces I've done, but is still not exactly that 'fun'.

Maybe I just simply will never be a good programmer. Someone that is capable of creating solid projects that are actually fun. My dad says it takes years upon years of working at programming to be good at it, which I understand. But I have attempted GML programming since late last year, and feel like I barely understand some of the most basic concepts. Is that pathetic or what? Why do I keep bothering? Well, because with every project I find I unlock some secret goodness that makes me addicted. It simply makes me happy, thus I keep doing it.