Adelaide Game Slam Jam 2022!

2022-06-26 21:34:24

I participated in what I think was the first Adelaide 'Slam' Game Jam. The theme was very strange as "Oversaturated". We focused heavily on the mutator of 'sports' which at first we laughed about, but it soon became an integral part of a heartfelt story.

Grandpa's End Game is about young woman whose grandpa has recently passed away. With every item found, she unearths memories about her grandpa. I would say the game is very peaceful, given the time taken to listen to the characters talking and some of the stories are quite stretched out.

Three people mainly worked on the construction of the game, a programmer, artist (me) and a musician, but we had other voice actors from the Adelaide Game Dev discord help out. I am somewhat proud of my voice acting, considering I have no experience.

Please do not steal my art. I do not post for randoms to steal it.

Cons are....I wasn't actively used as much as I could have been, as I ended up doing the bulk of my work at the start of the jam. My teammate had to get all the elements into the game and I was reluctant about encroaching on his pipeline for editing the project, let alone use Unity. Not for a short project.

The game also drags but I think that is to be expected as we didn't have much time to debug and playtest for 'feel'. In the future I would have allowed the option for the player to read text and mash dialogue just a little bit, just to suit their reading speed. The voices do add a lot of interest though.

I feel like I could have had more of a say in the script but was quite chill for a game jam. That is my fault, for not being more direct about what I wanted, and for not having access to the Unity file (not that I would know what to do with it!)

Pros are plentiful! I am unfamiliar with Unity, but by the end of the week I managed to learn how to rig and animate 2D characters. I don't know how to navigate the scene and camera and I don't know where to even begin with code! I'd love to however, learn how to do more games of this genre in the future!

I think this style of game holds potential for making something for people who have a desire for a slower paced games, specifically disabled/elderly people. It could be informative, educational but fun at the same time, and encourage exploration and problem solving skills. I think we are onto something~

I am somewhat happy with the characters and their diversity of shapes and ages and whatnot. I just wished I could've been more actively creating nicer art for the jam that's all. I took off like more than half of the week or just did voice recording.

A Femto I rigged and animated in unity

In conclusion, I think Grandpa's End Game is a sweet calming story about the memories of a loved one.

You can play the finished game here.