low res mini visual novel eeeee

2021-08-17 12:26:21

People just unfollow so I'm going to post whatever I want. I've just been working on a new visual novel just to take a break from my intense-earthy-country-murder game. This new one [working title] is bordering on storyboard with text and I'm somewhat excited about it. I Think I will go with traditional art, but scaled down since I'm going for a low res look (best I can). I made some of the temporary art below traditionally, and some digitally. It is just open to experimentation right now of course, I just want clear, storytelling images.

I don't get why visual novels are always just crispy overdone sparkly images. I guess that's why I'm here, to mix it up.

The story involves a forbidden love, goofy tree folk and a lot of self-aware meta.