Illusion / Void / WAVE (AVALONProtoreplica) Translation

2021-01-19 10:49:00

EDIT: please don't judge me on my Japanese attempts I am not very good and simply tried to do my best for my own learning sake.

Title: Illusion / Void
Circle: WAVE
Arranger: Morrigan
Album: AVALONProtoreplica
Vocals: Hiramatsu Hirokazu & Amano Yukine

Here is a song that has haunted me since I got into the Fate fandom around 2017. It has such good male vocals and Iím exceptionally taken away by the instrumental part in the second half. I had it as my ringtone for a while.

I probably got a lot wrong, but if you know more than me I would appreciate the help! I tried my best for now. I need help with that one line near the end, I definitely canít understand what she is saying.

Music video.

inori sasageta, karada no chigiri
sakasuki wo mukashi
okori wo chikai, chigiri majiwaru mo
Koyoi mo hokorobitonaru

I offered up a prayer. The search for this body's pledge from long ago
I swore anger, even crossing this vow.
This night shall also be ripped apart

koroborishiteta ryuuseii
urasu kono te de
utsuro na fuchi samayo,
genkaki nawase utae

The meteor that had fallen
Bought into this hand
Prowling around the brink of despair
Praise being bound to this world

nageki wo tsumiagete
kono yowanai kaette, iru no darou
itsuwari no yume nante suttete
negegai kirisaete

Grief keeps piling up
This unwavering selfishness, surely it's here
Discard all things like lying dreams
Cut your wishes apart

ibitsu narenai
tsumi wo urusen, nozomazui temo
nazumi mitemo
yami wa otozureru,
onorere wo utsu saru kagami

It can't be distorted
Sins unforgiven, still desired them
Still trying to cling to them
The darkness is called upon
The mirror I smashed to pieces


urei nazumu kono omoi
musenn sakebi ni
inori touhou no kitto yami e

These feelings clinging to sorrow
From a choked cry
Our prayer surely towards the darkness

chigiri wo fuminijitte
koi negau wo toi ha tozasare
taorarereta hana wo sotto daite
yami e to torarageru

Trample on your vows
The pleas for love has been sealed off
Softly embracing a plucked flower
I offer it up to the darkness

kageru hitomi ni daze
noroi tsukareta kono karada demo
todoku mo mata daku mabayui
hikari yomi samase

Itís in these darkened eyes
Even as cursed and worn out this body is
It arrives still embracing the radiance
Wake up to the light