Mystical scrapbook vlog

2022-06-02 19:44:47

I made this video to highlight some of the (magical) scrapbook I made last year after I had come back home after running away TWO TIMES and being at Glenside ward in the middle of those escapades.

I'm all new to this filming stuff, I just want to create something meaningful with my new camera, which my dad promised me for Christmas. Of course, everything I do I try to imbue meaning into. I cherish writing on my blog, and can write here forever, but know that seldom do people stop and read my content. So it's up to me to try and make whatever I do the most engaging I can, which is pretty tough.

I'm not going to spend hours of effort doing a vlog AND heaps of writing so this stupid damn 20 min long video better convey enough.

Video of me showing off my stupid scrapbook..

I wanted to do a better voice-over explaining how I used Lost Children arc to express the end of childhood, as well as other more dark things. But it's ended up the way it has, a very skin-deep examination of the meaning behind this scrapbook.

I was getting used to holding a camera for the first time. ;) Instead I was getting into the flow of using the sound from the camera to make it more atmospheric, as opposed to talking over stuff on my phone.

As I've said before, I've endured someone recently calling me 'broken'. I've experienced people putting me down simply because I've been in a ward. At the end of the day, I'm the strong one, with more vividly beautiful experiences than anyone can imagine. They are the ones lacking, and I pity them.

I may not have very well conveyed the importance of this glued-down gathering of mental health notes, Berserk printouts and My Little Pony stickers, but I have at least tried to share it.

I hope you enjoy my scrapbook. :)