⚔️🌻I am Vela Noble. I’m dual citizen American and Australian.

🐢🎨I am Autistic. Autism is a big part of why I’m me.

I am a proud Lesbian. I love and respect femininity and all of womanhood.

⚛️I am an brutal Atheist. I make my own weapons to fend off darkness and find beauty in living how I can.

I love making all sorts of art! I do both digital and traditional illustrations, murals, oil paintings, animations sculptures etc. I have no limitations because life is an amazing journey!

My rules are…

  • I draw dark, sensitive and adult topics because if it isn’t obvious, My life = dark, sensitive and adult topics. If you don’t acknowledge this I am not drawing for you. I cannot separate the pains and joys in my vulnerable life from the things I put effort into draw/paint/illustrate. I need to create art that is honest.
  • Please be concise with what you send me. I can’t read between the lines. 
  • I love visual help. Instead of long rambling text, Just get to the point and if its easier to make a meme-moodboard just do it. I constantly forget what I am supposed to be doing if it isnt ART. Even writing this i just like black out now what?
  • I live in beautiful Adelaide, South Australia because it’s gorgeous, natural and quiet. I’m used to video conference meetings.
  • ⚛️⚔️🐢🎨🌻You can contact me at velanoble(at)gmail(dot)com

Cheat sheet for understanding an autistic person

STIMMING: This is the moving,rocking back-n-forth, flapping hands, chewing, doing anything because it is natural. We might hum the same song over and over Don’t tell us not to do this, ass bites. We might have our head in our hands just because, we might be slouched just because, we like moving, just because. 

EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING: means I forget what I should be doing, appointments and meetings, whatever the flip in the what what.

I am NOT afraid of socializing. I am just AGAINST having my natural sense of self repressed, by being asked ‘what is wrong?‘ or told my movements  make you confused. It makes an autistic person steadily feel more and more dead inside if we let it eat away at us. Let us be us.

Stop. Listen. Try understand other human beings. Please. Love you.

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Little backstory on why 2020 has been like this for me.

My mom is Susie Myers. She was the most strong, beautiful, inspirational and fearless goddess of a woman in the world to me.

She passed away from Brain Cancer in early 2020. She loved life and binge watched all her favorite shows like Doc Martin, Death in Paradise and other right up until the very end.

It is my job in life is to make sure people understand her beautiful way of living life even in the face of something as dark as brain cancer, aka. glioblastoma multiforme.

Women are naturally so tough.We are told we HURT and BLEED from INSIDE us MONTHLY at a young age.

We are told that MANY PEOPLE  may see as as OBJECTS instead of DEEP individuals, and to maybe fear ‘masculinity’?


I never understood my mothers love right up until she died.

That is my story. Being human is to crave human connection and vulnerability in order to be happy.

To be able to love someone unconditionally for their weirdness.

To be able to help anyone become the best person or whatever-you-identify-as thing in YOU want to be.

To just help my autistic ass realise I am lovable as I am.

Vela-smella who loves Neopets, eating dirt and sukkin’ tiddy.

My trauma is real. My love is real. Take my tasty glittery lesbian turd and eat it society.

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