Hi I’m Vela! I’m an American/Aussie artist and animator based in Adelaide, Australia. I studied Character Animation at Calarts from 2012-2015 and was selected for the Pixar Story Internship in 2015. Recently I’ve storyboarded on shows for Netflix by Dreamworks. [HARVEY GIRLS FOREVER and DRAGONS: RESCUE RIDERS]

I specialize in storyboarding, animation and illustration. Drawing characters and visualizing their stories is my passion! I’m proudly on the Autism spectrum and am passionate about all kinds of animation, film and art.

For work inquiries feel free to contact me at velanoble(at)gmail(dot)com.


I love hand-drawn character animation! This is a gif heavy page. I try to post recent examples on on my blog. Please do not repost without my permission. Disconnected is the BFA2 film I made at Calarts. Not to brag, but┬áDisconnected has over 14 million views!  


Personal work.


Here are some storyboard clips from Dreamworks Harvey Girls Forever. My IMDb page has info on all the shows I have worked on so far. ´╗┐