Frequently asked questions

  • 🌻Please DO NOT repost my art without my permission! ✨I don’t allow my personal work to be edited/re-uploaded and used in ways I don’t agree to. There are obviously exceptions to this but you need to contact me at velanoble(at)gmail(dot)com first!  
  • For animating I own TVpaint 11 Professional and also love FlipaClip on my Note10 phone. I use Photoshop for illustrations, AfterEffects for editing/effects and Toon Boom Storyboard Pro for storyboarding.
  • If you send me music/sounds/voice acting, I try to save the emails but like everyone, my tastes in music are very specific.
  • If you’re asking about art advice: It takes years of non-stop passion and pain. Focus on honest observational (quick gesture and long pose) drawing and try to get better at artistic problem solving on your own. Don’t just copy others work, there’s a spirit that only comes from being vulnerable and brave and drawing from life experiences
  • I’m open to answering questions but please check my blog first since I try to write fairly in-depth on my art thoughts there already.
  • ☕🐢🌻I’m proudly based in beautiful Adelaide, South Australia and I work remotely. For work related inquiries, you can reach me at velanoble(at)gmail(dot)com.