Frequently asked questions

  • ✨🌻Please DO NOT repost my art without my permission!!✨ Editing/re-uploading and using an artists work for your own gain is stealing. There are obviously exceptions to this but if you respect me, link to my site and contact me at velanoble(at)gmail(dot)com first!
  • If you’re asking about art advice: It takes years of non-stop passion and pain. Focus on honest observational drawing; quick and long poses, environments, use different mediums…draw everything. Try to get better at artistic problem solving on your own. Don’t just copy others work, there’s a spirit that only comes from being vulnerable, brave and observing the world around you.
  • I’m open to answering reasonable questions but please check my blog first, since I try to write fairly in-depth there already.
  • ✨☕I’m proudly based in beautiful Adelaide, South Australia and I work remotely.✨🎀 For work related inquiries, you can reach me at velanoble(at)gmail(dot)com.
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