Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you tell me how to get into Calarts/Pixar Story Internship?!?

A: Calarts was over a decade ago for me. It also, wasn't that amazing an experience and traumatised me. If you're still dead set on applying, I have a blog dating as far back to 2011 where you can read and see about my preparation for applying for Calarts. In short, you need to be doing lifedrawing everyday. Pixar Story Internship is even more hard to get into so you need to be really special, tbh.

Q: How do you get a job as a storyboard artist?

A: I worked on drawing every day of my life. I'm obsessed with it. You can't be an amazing storyboard artist without loving characters, stories and film. You need to be doing everyday life drawing or observing scenes around you; even the mediocre living room 'mom on the couch' sketches have immense value.

Q: Why won't you make another film like Disconnected?

A: I've been through psychiatric hell in my late twenties and don't have the mind power to do complex animations right now.

Q: Why is Disconnected so popular?

A: Because I made a story that appealed to people who are shy and struggle with loneliness. I made a film from the heart and it's going to reach out to the people it does. I deserve the views and subs.

Q: Will you do commissions/animation work for me? (note the 'me' part)

A: Well, not unless you're a legitmate studio, as I have my own production goals I'm currently chipping away at. The reason I say 'no' is because usually people don't have the dedication and skills to finish projects and pay people.

Q: I'm a voice actor/musician/sound designer/programmer/misc animation or game skilled person. Do you wanna work together?

I am developing something, so if you are passionate about your field of work and good at collaborating, contact me through my contact form!

Q: What tools/software do you use?

A: I own a Wacom Cintiq 12WX and a Cintiq 22HD. I love using Photoshop for illustrating. Dreamweaver was used to make this site. Tvpaint and FlipAClip is for animating, StoryboardPro for storyboards. GameMakerStudio 2 and Ren'Py for games. I sometime paint using Autodesk Sketchbook on my phone using the stylus. I also love rollerball pens such as the Energel Rollerball 0.5 on any sketchbook with decent paper. Field Notes are awesome for commute sketching.

Q: How the heck can you do animation work from Adelaide, South Australia?

A: You have to build up trust with employers but you'll find many people remote work nowaways. Adelaide is a gorgeous place to live, don't diss it.

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