So I splurged on TVpaint 11 pro…

In terms of recent things fresh in my mind (before I completely forget this year); I went to a yoga sutra talk this last weekend and had an amazing friend give my work computer a massive hardware boost. I also caricatured myself a new avatar. Staring at old art is the biggest of all pet peeves of mine. The way other people perceive me is probably varying, but long features, scraggly hair and naturally furrowed eye brows is happily how I will see myself.

I bought TVpaint 11 Professional edition and am transitioning over into using that for my animations. I still have a long way to go to before I feel confident in this program, but I definitely see how it speeds up colouring heaps. I always want to preach about how much bravery it takes for anyone to attempt animation. Especially doing full hand-drawn where every decision for every micro-movement has a consequence as it flows into another.

It’s one thing to be an animation fan, or maybe dabble in copying drawings of characters, but it’s a whole different level of intensity to to put in the hours of trying to create a performance out of nothing. You can put labels on whether something is ‘limited’ or ‘full’ animation, but I always aim to better understand movement, acting, the constraints of a character design… it is absolutely infinite. How can you not get addicted to an art form that has a power to entertain and transmit emotions to whoever is watching?

One of the things I learnt about yoga philosophy is how doing things that ‘create fire’ are the things that are so good for you in order to grow, this means things that aren’t in your comfort zone. This absolutely is animation for me. My philosophy on art has expanded the more Iv’e learnt about Yoga philosophy and apply it in the (gruelling yet enjoyable) classes and in daily life. I am not specifically an intellectual person. Instead art for me is an expression of love, love of spontaneous, subconscious movement, like a change that is part of nature. In short, wanting to communicate some sort of energy; emotional and/or physical, is important to me. You can read any animation book to hear about drawing principles, but feeling the joy of movement is special.

I just want to draw more like me, no matter what.

Attending well past 100 Vinyasa classes since being back in Adelaide a year has had it’s affect on me. I may sound loopy, however I have actually always been like this, only I just found a 2500+ year old philosophy to back up my beliefs. Bye for now!


  1. Hey, interesting post! I saw that you were using Krita earlier this year, before getting the TVPaint License (after losing your student dongle in the past).

    How close do you think Krita comes to TVPaint for animation, and specifically 2D animation? It’s quite an investment for TVPaint, and I’m not sure how much value I’ll get out of it personally. Just wondering how you feel about the two programs in your own situation – did you feel any shortcomings with Krita that prompted getting TVPaint 11, or was it that you always wanted to move to TVPaint 11 at some point anyway?

    Also your animation is great!

    1. Hi thanks, I guess I used Krita because it was friendly for simple pencil tests and I prefer bitmap programs. However as I started to do more and more animations I noticed ways Krita is limited. Its limited in for editing and cleaning drawings, (deleting under-drawing type of process) coloring etc. Coloring frames is so painfully horrible in Krita, that alone made TVP enticing again. Also it has a very slow playback the more frames and heavy your file gets, but it is mainly a painting software.

      Of course it’s only worth buying if you assign that much value to hand-drawn. It was inevitable I was going to convert back to it. My old dongle was probably stolen by a classy Calarts student anyways lol. My feelings on animation changed a lot compared to start of this year, so that post is very outdated. Anyways Krita is fine for casual stuff, but just isn’t made as an animation software. I’m going to type more in-depth about Tvpaint in future posts.

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