concept art

CDW homework dump…and more

Thought I’d do a final dump of my work from character design and environment painting class from last semester. It’s the last post for awhile, I promise! This last semester at CDW has been a great refresher on a lot of things, I learnt some new techniques and improved in some areas. I can’t recommend that school enough for anyone in Adelaide, or Australia wide actually.

In other news, I’m moving to Sydney for a storyboard job! I can’t wait to dive into boarding but am still coming back for the weekend of Avcon. The next month or so is gonna be a crazy, hectic and awesome. Anyways, onto drawing new things!

Old game art dump

I was nit picking over my portfolio and found some work from when I was at a small game company late last year. The game went through….a rough patch and was never finished so whatever, here is some stuff from Paddle Panda.


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