Environment art

I love to draw places I’ve been to! These are done traditionally in my sketchbook with digital color.


Not-your-usual caricatures, I aim to capture the essence of my subject with bold linework to create charming and cartoonish portraits. With around a 10 minute wait per drawing, caricaturing provides entertainment and gives someone a hand drawn memento to take home! It’s perfect entertainment for markets and corporate holiday parties etc. Interested? Drop me a line at velanoble@gmail.com to find out about my rates!


I do 2D (mostly hand drawn) animation in Adobe Animate, with effects and compositing done in After Effects. More examples of my animations are also on my YouTube and social media!

Blue Orb – a short I made in my spare time between 2017-2018

Bring me Joy – a silly short animation I made for a Monstercat contest.

Not to brag, but Disconnected hit 10 millions views on YT!