Frequently asked questions

    • Please don’t repost my art/animation without my permission! I don’t want my work edited/re-uploaded and used in ways I don’t agree to. There are obviously a few exceptions to this but contact me by email first!
    • If you are sending me music/sounds/voice acting, I try to save emails I get but I probably won’t use your work since I’m an individual animator busy focusing on my own craft. Also like everyone, my tastes in music are very specific.
    • I currently use TVpaint 11 Professional for animating. I also love the FlipaClip app on my Note10 Android phone. I use Photoshop and Toon Boom Storyboard Pro daily.
    • If you’re asking about art advice; It takes years of non-stop passion and pain. Focus on honest observational (gesture and long pose) drawing and try to get better at artistic problem solving on your own. The hard fact is there is a spirit to art that people can’t obtain no matter how much they practice techniques. It comes from being open to vulnerability and brave enough too. That’s how it is.
    • I will be honest if you are asking me for advice, so please actually check my blog first since I write fairly in-depth on and processes.
    • For work related questions, you can reach me by email.