Frequently asked questions

  • Please don’t repost my art/animation without my permission! I don’t want my work edited/re-uploaded and used in ways I don’t agree to. If you are using my animations without my consent,it will get flagged and taken down. There are a few exceptions to this but please, at least message/email me first and credit!
  • My favorite programs are Krita(for animating) Photoshop, Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and also love Autodesk Sketchbook and FlipaClip on my Note10 phone.
  • That being said, to artists asking for advice; improvement only comes from years of dedicated non-stop drawing, observation and passion! It’s not the advice people want to hear, but what needs to be said. 🙂
  • My story portfolio is password protected and only for potential employers to see.