Just my thoughts on art and life, I guess.

japan trip + sketchbook

As people might have noticed from my social media posts, I went to japan recently! I don’t really feel up for sharing travel photos (I shared enough on instagram and twitter), I thought I’d share the sketchbook I finished while over there. I wanna make it into a habit of doing this more since I’m a big sketchbook enthusiast but need to try to compose pages with a little bit of order to them lol. Japan trip starts from spread 11 onwards, and a lot of these were doodled on airplanes and trains when I was bored. 

If i could sum up what I enjoyed most about visiting japan, It would be just taking in all the little details in buildings, people, places, things….oh and the convenience stores. I miss unknown delicious snack products that I bought even when I couldnt read the kanji of…I think it was a kind of fish jerky but I will never really know.  But in all seriousness, sketching is my way of remembering people and places and I love it. Here comes the photo dump…

animation WIPS

Animation WIPS from an ambitious animated thing I started. I can’t predict when i’ll finish it, if ever, but here’s two gifs that aren’t too horrible.

2016 retrospective

Saw this monthly meme-thingo going around and decided It’d make a decent 2016 retrospective. I can sum up this year by saying…storyboarding on fun projects is a blessing and I have to keep pinching myself to remind myself I actually get to do it for a job. I’m cutting 2016 some slack here, because it was pretty nice to me. 🙂

November artdump

Heres a miscellaneous dump of some stuff I’ve done lately, or stuff that I can be bothered to upload here.I finished a small looping animation for ‘Loop de Loop‘. I wanna stay motivated with making little animations, and having my Youtube subscribers shoot up from under 100 to 15k+ over the last month has been baffling, but definitely a motivating factor to get back into it lol.

Inktober 2016 – demons

I survived Inktober! If you dont know what that is, Inktober is just a challenge to do an inked drawing and post it online for every day of October. It was my first time committing to do it every day and to a consistent size. I ended up doing them all in my Strathmore recycled paper sketchbook. (which isn’t even meant for ink, but whatever its one of my favorite sketchbooks)

I themed them all to ‘demons’, so stuff like youkai and stuff count as demons my book. I might make something out of my favorite ones, I’ve always wondered if people have any interest in adult coloring books? 😉 

sketchdump + some art thoughts

The older I get and (hopefully) the better I get at art, the more opinionated I get over art things. One thing that I believe with all my heart is the importance of life drawing. It seems some beginner artists are wholly focused on just attaining technical skills, but there is an emotional side comes thru the acting, energy you convey in a drawing. When you draw people in the world around you, you should be observing their movements, their quirks, their character. Same with animals, they have traits we can relate to. I had an awesome sunday sketching at the zoo today, and of course, I couldn’t feel entitled to do a little preaching unless I put in the hours. Keep sketching Peace and later~

CDW homework dump…and more

Thought I’d do a final dump of my work from character design and environment painting class from last semester. It’s the last post for awhile, I promise! This last semester at CDW has been a great refresher on a lot of things, I learnt some new techniques and improved in some areas. I can’t recommend that school enough for anyone in Adelaide, or Australia wide actually.

In other news, I’m moving to Sydney for a storyboard job! I can’t wait to dive into boarding but am still coming back for the weekend of Avcon. The next month or so is gonna be a crazy, hectic and awesome. Anyways, onto drawing new things! 

Roy G. Biv’s Hyperdimensional Journey

I took a class at CDW this last semester called Advanced Projects which was basically let us do whatever sort of project we wanted. I will admit, this concept had it’s roots as a simple schmup game I had been painstakingly learning how to make in Game Maker, but the whole thing got a bit messy so I resorted to just boarding something vaguely inspired by the game. Here’s some vis dev as well as the final sequence. I might go back to this idea in time…who knows.