baby goat feat. animator feelings

I made a little cutie baby goat animation to tie into the LoopdeLoop May theme of ‘Baby’. I’ve been getting alot of messages from people on Instagram asking If i would animate for them. Of course I’m flattered by this, but my current job is so demanding I only have time for personal work. Even then, there’s not enough hours in the evening for that!

On a side note, you know how many artists go on about their big ‘personal projects’?  I’m not trying to start a war on the hopes and dreams people put in their ‘personal projects’, because I’m very guilty of getting carried away by lofty random ideas. What can I say, I’m a dreamer. Rather, I’ve finally realized a more healthy way of describing my relationship to my big art dreams.

My ‘personal project’ is every time I draw.

It’s every decision to pull out a sketchbook and draw on public transport. Its every time I lose myself trying to get into a characters personality, to offer a special ‘something’ in my storyboards. …and it’s making animations like this. It not about a end product, its all about a continuous love of making art.

For me, hand-drawn animation has the most devastatingly beautiful potential out of any art form. It just is the absolute best. If drawing can be such a joy, traditional animation takes that ecstasy and amplifies it into something even more mind blowing. I’ve recently started appreciating the refinement, planning and patience of traditional animation, and how if you have the draftmanship and ability, there are infinite possibilities to what you can create.  All I know is if my brain enters a blissful-mushy-state induced by animating (and also maybe my playlist of Enigma songs next to other Enigma songs) that I must be doing something right!

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