To that distant castle...
Vela Noble is a redheaded American/Aussie artist.

Full of devotion and unending toughness. Banana moonbeam, yeah things don’t make sense.
Vela studied Character Animation at Calarts and in 2015 was selected for the Pixar Story Internship. Vela has 5+ years experience as a storyboard artist on Dreamworks shows for Netflix. She also has a deep love of illustrating and animating.

Due to lived experience, she passionately advocates for research towards bipolar and psychosis. She is also on the autism spectrum. Some of the themes in her work are trauma, hope and transformation. She vows to create works based on her dazzling and chaotic life experiences. Currently residing in beautiful Adelaide, South Australia, you can contact her here. instagram twitter linkedin blog contact

All works copyright Vela Noble 2020-2023